The 2019 Rock Star Librarian Music Guide

Together, Let’s Leave A Legacy!

Last year we raised $16,000 for Josie's Well/Water Access Now non-profit, to build safe, clean water wells in Ghana. WOOHOO! You Rock!

Did you know I JUST got back from Ghana? I experienced the most incredible trip to the northern regions of Ghana where I danced, cried and shared in PURE BLISS with the people of several remote northern Ghana villages.

We celebrated their newly commissioned clean water wells our Burning Man community funded last year. The trip was humbling and life changing. We have so much. 

My Ask:

The biggest thanks you can give me for curating the Rock Star Librarian Music Guide is to donate to my GoFundMe page raising funds to reach our stretch goal this year so we fully fund a third clean water well in Ghana.

$100 donation provides 20 people with upwards of 20 years of clean water. 


Let's reach our stretch goal - we are so close, and we have so much.

Big Dusty Hugs,

Kate Houston,
the Rock Star Librarian

Download Here:

Print Copies on the Playa Located at BMIR near Center Camp

Please print out several copies yourself and enough to gift out on the playa!

The Time to Burn app includes the 2019 RSL Music Guide

The entire 2019 RSL Music Guide is available digitally via the Time to Burn app iOS / Android and includes not only the music lineups but the entire ePlaya events for BRC.