The 2018 Rock Star Librarian Music Guide

The guide, Black Rock City's burning book of musical rites, has become a coveted, annual ritual.

Print the PDF exactly as it is or accept this call to create your own musical ritual and meaning from the data. Transform and playfully re-purpose it into an alternative format and focus of your choosing and gift it back to our community.

Are you a drum n bass aficionado? Or do you have a perfect way to reformat the info into a small, pocket sized booklet you've always wanted? Over the years many of you have shared that you found ways to upcycle the guide and create your own versions of it to gift to others. I love this idea!

Download here:

2018 RSL Music Guide: Spread Format , too!)

Print Copies on the Playa Located at BMIR near Center Camp

Please print out several copies yourself and enough to gift out on the playa!

The Time to Burn app includes the 2018 RSL Music Guide

The entire 2018 RSL Music Guide is available digitally via the Time to Burn app iOS / Android and includes not only the music lineups but the entire ePlaya events for BRC.